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DeNubber Debarking Head

DeNubber Debarking Head

The Morbark DeNubber Debarking Head thoroughly debarks logs and removes defects to help prevent trouble while sawing. Faster, more efficient and with lower maintenence costs than traditional heads, the DeNubber head can be interchanged and installed on any Morbark Debarker.

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Replaceable Teeth

All cutting teeth are individually attached and can be replaced singly if damaged. Only one tool is needed to remove the teeth, which are replaceable at a low cost and within minutes. Teeth are arranged in a spiral pattern, with 28 teeth on four rows of 7 teeth each for full cutting coverage.

Unique Cutting Action

The teeth actually cut the wood, creating chips that could be sold as mulch.

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DeNubber Debarking Head
Cutting diameter11.5" (628/640) / 15" (642/648), 29.2 cm (628/640) / 38.1 cm (642/648)
Cutting width12.6" (standard) / 16.1 (wide head), 32.1 cm (standard) / (40.8 cm (wide head)
Head size9.4" (628/640) / 13" (642/648), 24 cm (628/640) / 33 cm (642/648)
Head length13.4" (628/640) / 13.1" (642/648), 34.1 cm (628/640) / 33.3 cm (642/648)
Shaft2.4" (628/640) / 2.4" shaft, turned down to 2.2" on each end of shaft (642/648), 6.2 cm (628/640) / 6.2 cm shaft, turned down to 5.5 cm on each end of shaft (642/648)
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